Pre-Listing - Rehab and Restoration Work

We've organized a ton of rehab work for the properties we represent. We have a reliable vendor list that can tackle any one of many rehab tasks- carpetry, paint, electical, plumbing, carpets, windows, roofing, swimming pool clean up, to name a few. We've included some before and after photos of just a small sampling of some of the rehab we've overseen. We've organized over $200,000 in rehab work over the past 2 years. We have much experience dealing with the most extreme rehab projects.

Rehab sometimes makes the difference between sitting and selling

The examples below are a re-assignment. The property had sat with the previous agent for months with no activity. When the property was re-assigned to us, we had a broker tour and got feedback from other agents. Many comments were that the interior paint scheme was too loud for most buyers. There were other minor rehab issues and the property needed a cleaning as well. We suggested to the A/M to rehab including paint and new carpets. The rehab was approved and the interior was painted neutral colors. We did our property website and other marketing and found a buyer within a couple weeks after the rehab.

We also can spot potential code issues...

When our vendors go to the property they also spot issues that may be a code violation. We always ask the vendor for any suggestions that may have to do with safety or code violations. In the photos below code requires a fire-rated door from garage to living areas. This was not on our original list of rehab issues and we were glad the vendor made the recommendation. Had we been in escrow and this not taken care of, the process could have been taken longer.


Rehab - When rehab won't work

The photos below were a 3 unit apartment that was assigned to us. We discovered the former owner abandoned the property a year earlier. The property was located in a seedy part of the city. It was learned that it was turned into a "crack" house and eventually burned to the ground when some addict fell asleep smoking his pipe. Unfortunately this property was too far gone to do any rehab so the client sold it "as-is" to an investor. During this process we had to deal with the police and fire department and the city code enforcement as well. We found out that in addition to the city lien the cost of the boarding up/and a fire clean-up, there was also a drive-by murder at the property where the city liened the crime scene clean up. We spent a lot of time working on this property as it comes with the territory- you take the good with the bad. What a learning experience!

Fire Example