Re-Assignments - We earn your re-assignments...

We've had about 10% of our business as re-assigned properties. Most of the time these properties have sat for 90 days or longer with no activity. The photos below show a recent property that was re-assigned to us. The property had new paint and carpets but the property had never been cleaned. Sinks, counters, toilets, and floors were filthy. Weeds were chest high in the back and side yards. This property was totally neglected and it is no wonder why it sat without activity.

We received approval to clean and get the yard squared away. We added our marketing (see below) and had an offer and got the property sold within 4 weeks.

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Add a dose of our Marketing

We did our markeing which included the property website/rider, postlets, craigslist, flyer, broker tour, and did a couple open houses. The we landed a buyer from one of the open houses and it closed 45 days later.

We always appreciate your re-assignments. Let www.mybeniciahomes.comus the value needed to get your sitting properties sold.

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